It is time for SaaSiest 2023!

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SaaSiest 2022 - The ultimate B2B SaaS experience in the Nordics

SaaSiest 2022 is presented by SaaS Nordic and provides a forum for SaaS Founders and professionals to share and discuss trends, best practices, and deep dive into relevant topics!

We have the pleasure to present to you a lineup of speakers with high impact, no-fluff content and a diverse range of voices and perspectives that will generate engaging discussions, challenge attendees to think differently and give participants takeaways they can implement immediately

Some of the themes that will be addressed:

  • International expansion – how do you optimize your expansion efforts to shorten time to value in new markets
  • What are the key Sales and GTM trends today that, actually, work
  • Community-Led-Growth as the new leading growth motion
  • Talent density is the key success factor to success – how to attract, manage and motivate your #1 asset
  • Leading vs lagging indicators, are you following the right KPIs?
  • The fine art of growing via M&A and Partnership
  • Marketing & Branding – the impact of dark social and demand generation in the race to win prospects’ trust
  • Category creation and ownership – the path to the top spot in the quadrant
  • PLG & Self-service – the key steps to get your product and organization ready for this
  • Intelligent Growth capital – how to raise the right type of money at the right time. Join us for VC matchmaking and reversed shark tank exercise
  • Networking and Roundtable – sessions dedicated for you to directly interact with your peers and the speakers in the different session rooms
  • Award ceremony & Party – join us to celebrate the SaaSiest companies and people of the Nordics

    Join us for these two knowledge-packed days and take part in all the great presentations, panel discussions, and roundtable chats. This will truly leave you inspired and send you back home with some new ideas for your own business!
    Welcome to the SaaSiest 2022 – we can’t wait to see you all there!

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Nathan Latka

Bio: Nathan Latka is the founder of SaaS database His book “HOW TO BE A CAPITALIST” broke the top 3 on WSJ bestseller list. His daily SaaS CEO interview podcast hit 15m downloads last month. Today, he’s building a fintech platform that lends money to software founders at

Aaron Ross
Author of Predictable Revenue

Emil Eifrem
CEO & Founder Neo4j

Louise Barnekow
CEO Mynewsdesk

Frederic Laziou
CEO Puzzel

Johanna Fagerstedt
CMO Quinyx

Elin Filipp
Chief People Officer Talentech Group

Avtar S. Jasser
CEO & Founder CatalystOne

Liza Collin
Strategy & Commercialization Director Visma

Michael Falck
Co-founder, RELEX Solutions

Elif Schmidt
CEO Oxceed

Casper Nielsen Christiansen
CFO Penneo

Nora Tandberg
CFO Papirfly Group

Mikael Thuneberg
CEO & Founder Supermetrics

Anna Oom Lindroos
Chief People Officer, Puzzel

Richard Smith
VP Sales Refract

Frances Arville
EMEA Sales G2

Nanette Brink
CEO Sweden HR group

Øyvind Reed
CEO Whereby

Ling Koay
VP Brand Oneflow

Mikael Johnsson
Co-Founder and General Partner Oxx

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal
Co-founder & CEO TwentyThree

Jasmine de Guzman
Manager, Revenue Marketing Optimere

Alexander Theuma
Founder SaaStock

Sara Brooks
VP Sales Pleo

Rory Blundell

Niclas Ramon Staberg
Operating Advisor at Verdane

Julie Solem
Head of Brand Experience Dixa

Dave Schneider
Director of Product Marketing,

Anna Ståhl
CCO at Hive Streaming

Tobi Andersson
CEO & Partner Dapresy

William Bruce
Partner at True

Fredrik Skantze
CEO & Co-Founder Funnel

Maria Petrova
Head of Product Supermetrics

Mikael Selegård
CPO Voyado

Tommi Ylinen
CPO RELEX Solutions

Adam Holmgren
Head of Demand Gen, GetAccept

Daniel Eisenberg
Head of Expansion - Northern & Central Europe, Deel

Erik Bakstad
CEO Ardoq

Sabina Klint
Chief People Officer, Funnel

Dafydd Prichard
Co-Founder, Cite

David Nelson
Growth at Kind App

Emre Gürsoy
CEO Agillic

Kati Tammisto
CMO Precisely

Jakob Vinkel-Schaarup
Director of Demand Generation Leapwork

Anna Andersson
General Manager Sköna Europe

Jaakko Paalanen
CRO Leadfeeder

Courtney Librizzi
Head of User Engagement Kognity

Sølve Nord
CFO Kindly

Laura Erdem
Account Executive, Dreamdata

Tom Boston
Social Sales Evangelist, Salesloft

Anna Lasson
CMO Bannerflow

Ola Sars
Founder & CEO Soundtrack Your Brand

Jimmy Ekbäck
CTO Occtoo

Heta Ruikka
VP Product Management, Sievo

Axel Elvik
VP Product EcoOnline

Mathias Thulin
Co-Founder & CSO GetAccept

Nick Peters
VP Operations Ardoq

Sanja Gabler
CMO Stratsys

Daniel Lilliehöök
Partner GP Bullhound

Pål Malmros
Partner Verdane

Sammeli Sammalkorpi
CEO & Co-Founder, Sievo

Christian Lund
Co-Founder & CPO Templafy

Title of presentation

Description of presentation

Daniel Nackovski
Co-Founder SaaS Nordic

Thomas Sjöberg
Co-Founder SaaS Nordic

What you can expect from SaaSiest 2022

SaaSiest is the largest community-driven B2B SaaS event in the Nordics! For 2 full days, we gather Founders, Executives, and VCs under one roof to share experiences & best practices. To engage in meaningful networking and relationship building, all with a focus on propelling your career and business to new highs!

  • A 2-day event with a focus on tactical sessions
  • Largest Nordic event for Nordic B2B SaaS companies
  • 50+ best in class speakers from leading Nordic B2B SaaS companies
  • Workshops/Breakout sessions in several disciplines
  • 100+ Networking and 1-1 meetings
  • CEO meetup
  • VC Matchmaking & Deal Room access
  • Party like its 1999

SaaS Nordic's mission is to provide a forum for all SaaS Nordic professionals to share and learn from peers, across all operational disciplines! We empower you with the knowledge to grow faster than ever before!

We are sold out!


Pre-event SaaSiest Padel Open 2022

Who is the best SaaS company at padel? We are calling for all padel enthusiasts that are also joining SaaSiest2022, to join us for a fun game of padel. Everyone that holds a ticket to the event is able to join free of charge! The competitive juices will be flowing for sure, but rest assured this is something for all levels of players.

Sign up here:

PDL Center 120min

Pre-event CEO & Executive Network Dinner

Exclusive for the whole SaaS Nordic CEO Network  and the SaaS Nordic Executive Network  ticket holders

Slagthuset 180min

Registration & Networking

Exhibition hall 60min

Welcome to SaaSiest 2022!

Theater 10min

5 Ways to Build a $100m SaaS Company

Nathan spent 320 hours interviewing 62 private SaaS founders with $100m+ in Revenue (Several in Nordics are about to join - SuperMetrics, Dixa, There were 5 key patterns, cheat codes, and "systems" that came up over and over again. He'll be sharing these live for the first time. The 4th one will surprise you. Can you guess all 5? You'll see 64 slides, 15 templates (LOI's, OKR docs, Internal team memos) you can use today.

Theater 20min

Community-Led Growth is the Future of B2B SaaS!

Community-led growth is the GTM strategy used by some of the world's fastest-growing SaaS companies. In this session, we will hear how double Unicorn Neo4j created a grassroots movement to win it all! Emil Eifrem, CEO & Co-founder of Neo4j will walk us through how they built, maintained, and capitalized on a strong community from the inception of their journey.

Theater 20min

What is the role of reviews in the B2B SaaS space?

Analysts put you in a bucket, individuals rate your product on review sites, industry experts have an opinion about your offerings. Should you care? Most definitely, not only care but actively work to move the public opinion in the direction that properly reflects the value you bring to the market. This session with Frances Arville, EMEA Sales, G2, and Mathias Thulin, Co-Founder & CSO GetAccept, is about how you need to think about external opinions and what you should do as a B2B SaaS company to come out on top!

Theater 20min

Bringing Users In: How Voice of the Customer can change your product development?

A Voice of the Customer program provides a framework for asking, compiling, analyzing, and reporting customer feedback, their wants, and needs! In this session, Maria Petrova, Head of Product Supermetrics tells us how they work with VoC and the results!

Theater 20min

Break and networking - Sponsored by Telavox

Exhibition hall 30min

Triple the revenue, double the headcount

Scale, Scale and Scale - how do you efficiently scale your revenue team across internal teams & partners, globally, all at once? Sara Brooks, VP Sales at Pleo is sharing her story from the past 3 years with this Danish Unicorn, the do's ad dont's in scaling a revenue team in hyper-growth mode!

Theater 20min

Calm in the Chaos of the $1m-$10m ARR SaaS growth journey!

A generalists' guide to getting specialist tasks done before you can afford specialists." Nick Peters joined Ardoq in 2018, just as they passed the $1m ARR milestone. As the VP of Operations, they managed to do Finance, Legal, RevOps, Support, HR, IT, & Security tasks on a tight budget before they could afford a CFO, VP of Legal, Director of RevOps, Head of Support, Head of IT, or CISO. What they've learned on that journey is valuable to any B2B SaaS company trying to optimize its budgets for growth.

Theater 20min

Leading vs Lagging indicators - which one should you be on top of?

Every successful business has full control of the key Leading and Lagging indicators! But which are they? How do you keep track of them, what is the benchmark, and how do you get them to interplay. Learn from the panel of experts as they share their take on this! Moderator: Elif Schmidt, CEO Oxceed. Panel: Nora Tandberg, CFO Papirfly  Group, Sølve Nord, CFO Kindly and Casper Nielsen Christiansen, CFO Penneo.

Theater 20min

The Dos and Dont's when expanding outside of the Nordics

You have succeeded in your home market and now you've set your eyes on expanding in Europe, or even decided to go for the big prize - the US. Expanding internationally is exciting and rewarding, and success will significantly increase the value and staying power of your business. But it can also be quite challenging, and often very, very, expensive! Pål Malmros, partner at Verdane and investor in many internationally successful scaleups, will share learnings from Verdane, and will be joined on stage by Tobi Andersson, founder of the Verdane portfolio company Dapresy. Tobi will share his experiences from expanding internationally as a startup, contrasted with insights on how to lead large global teams, from his current role managing a EUR 100m+ SaaS business following Dapresy's acquisition and merger with Confirmit and Focusvision.


Lunch and networking - Sponsored by Workato

Exhibition hall 70min

Breakout sessions

SMarketing track
Demand Generation - what is it and why should you care?
Moderator: Adam Holmgren, GetAccept
Panel: Anna Lasson Bannerflow, Jasmine de Guzman Optimere & Jakob Vinkel-Schaarup Leapwork.
Socal selling and the art of mastering Dark Social
Laura Erdem, Dreamdata & Tom Boston, Salesloft
Brand Building and positioning
Moderator: Anna Andersson, GM Sköna
Panel: Ling Koay, VP Brand Oneflow, Dafydd Prichard Co-Founder Cite & Julie Solem, Head of Brand Experience Dixa
The Art of Enterprise selling - fire side
Moderator: Alexander Theuma, SaaStock
Sammeli Sammalkorpi CEO & Co-Founder, Sievo
Product / Customer track
Empowered Product Teams
Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO Occtoo
Customer led growth - Your customers is the best source for future growth
Niclas Ramon Staberg
, Chief Customer Officer Hive Streaming
How to become a multiproduct company
Tommi Ylinen, CPO RELEX Solutions
CEO & Founders track
6 ways founders can get capital today and 3 terms to watch out for. Nathan Latka, CEO & FounderPath.
How to hire for success in the US.
William Bruce, Partner at True
How innovators create new categories
Frances Arville G2, Erik Bakstad CEO Ardoq, Emil Eifrem, CEO & Co-founder Neo4j, Mathias Thulin Co-Founder & CSO GetAccept
Too much funding can kill your start-up! Avtar S. Jasser, CEO & Founder CatalystOne Solution AS 
Theater (SMarketing), Breakout 1 (CEOs), Breakout 2 (Product) 80min

Break and Networking - Sponsored by Telavox

Exhibition hall 40min

Building the marketing & sales machine to attain go-to-market fit - a fireside chat with Rory Blundell, CEO

Once they have achieved product-market-fit, the number one mistake scaling SaaS companies make is blindly ramping up marketing & sales investments without first building a scalable, repeatable and predictive marketing & sales machine. In this fireside chat Oxx co-founding partner Mikael Johnsson will be speaking to Rory Blundell, CEO of Gravitee, a fast growing SaaS company which is right now in the process of building its marketing & sales machine to take the step from product-market-fit to go-to-market-fit. The conversation will focus on key learnings and the do's and don'ts to navigate this tricky but critical phase of your SaaS company's growth.


Onboarding - the key to Churn Prevention and increased NRR!

Poor onboarding = poor adoption early on, is the #1 reason why customers churn! How do you fix this? What does good onboarding look like? Learn from Courtney Librizzi, Head of User Engagement Kognity, what you need to do in the first 30-60-90 days for your customers to see the real value right of the gates and leaving them wanting to come back for more.

Theater 20min

This is why you wont be successful in the US!

Taking on the US market is one of the key expansion elements for almost every SaaS organization. It is also one of the most difficult, and a lot of folks have failed. Learn from Øyvind Reed, CEO Whereby, what some of the common pitfalls are and what you need to do to avoid them.

Theater 20min

Energizing Sales in a Chaotic World

It is Energy, not Effort! How do you energize your sales team and lay the ground for repeatable success? Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue will share in his keynote 3 key ingredients in order to establish and achieve exactly this, Energized Sales!

Theater 20min

Day 1 impressions and evening prep


Mingling with bubbles 🥂 - Sponsored by Intercom

Champagne and networking - after a jam-packed day of great sessions there is no better way into a relaxed and fun atmosphere to connect with your peers than Champagne! 

Exhibition hall 30min

Dinner and networking - Sponsored by Intercom

Welcome to a food feest! A selection of local flavors will be served for dinner, there is something for every taste bud out there :).  Great food, accompanied by SaaSy drinks and lots of great conversations - a perfect way to get into dancing mood!

Exhibition hall 90min

Party like it's 1999 🕺🍸🍺😎

The famous duo Sax on the beat will be playing live, exclusively for us at SaaSiest! It's a take on modern music in a way you may have never seen before! 100% guaranteed that you'd like to hit the dance floor when the sax hits its first note!

Dance floor, disco lights, bars with SaaSiest signature drinks, and great music all at your fingertips! Party like it's 1999

The Round Bar / Exhibition hall 300min

Welcome back for day 2 of SaaSiest 2022!

Theater 10min

From 4m USD ARR to 50m+ USD ARR in 1 year - what are the lessons learned?

4m USD to 50m+ USD ARR, 50 to 550+ people and raised 600m USD, all within the same year! Join us as Daniel Eisenberger from Deel tells us about all the things they've learned during this amazing journey, that should apply to every SaaS hypergrowth organization out there!

Theater 20min

Is the commission & bonus-free organization the wave of the future?

We've all been waiting for that commission and bonus check at the end of the year! It feels good when it lands for the employee, but is it good for your organization and employees long-term? Fredrik Skantze, CEO Funnel shares his story about how his organization deployed a commission & bonus-free organization, just to see growth excel more than ever before!

Theater 20min

How to build an HR function to scale globally with?

There is a good reason why the HR function has a seat at the management and board table! Or at least should! But what does it really take from an HR function to attract, develop and retain your biggest asset - your people? Learn from our HR specialists how a well-developed HR function is a key success factor in your growth journey.
Moderator: Nanette Brink, CEO Sweden HR group. Panel: 
Elin Filipp Chief People Officer Talentech Group
Sabina Klint Chief People Officer, Funnel
Anna Oom Lindroos Chief People Officer, Puzzel

Theater 20min

How to pivot a successful business at 20m Euro ARR?

Past success is not a guarantee for future success. The one thing the most successful B2B SaaS companies have in common is that they can iterate and adjust for the future faster than anyone else. But how exactly do you "pivot" your business? In this session with Louise Barnekow, CEO of Mynewsdesk we will hear why, and most importantly how she pivoted a 20m Euro ARR business to become a growth business again.  


Break & networking - Sponsored by Telavox

Exhibition hall 30min

Breakout sessions

SMarketing track
Q&A with Aaron Ross, Author of Predictable Revenue
How to onboard and ramp your SaaS sales reps to quota in weeks versus months, Richard Smith, VP Sales Refract.
How do you unite your Sales & Marketing organization into one Revenue Team.
Moderated by Dave Schneider, Director of Product Marketing  
Panel: Anna Ståhl CCO Hive Streamimg, Jaakko Paalanen CRO Leadfeeder, Sanja Gabler CMO Stratsys
Product / Customer track
David Nelson - What B2B SaaS can learn from casual mobile games
David Nelson, Growth at Kind App

Product strategy as a catalyst to your Go-To Market Strategy
Christian Lund
, CPO Templafy
How to build your Product Management organisation
Moderator: Heta Ruikka, VP Product Management, Sievo
Panel: Axel Elvik, CPO EcoOnline, Flemming Goldbach, CPO LMS365 & Mikael Selegård, CPO Voyado.
CEO & Founders track
The different stages on the journey to $100m ARR and beyond. 
In this interactive session Oxx co-founding partner Mikael Johnsson will answer all of your questions about the different stages of growth and what to focus on and optimize for in each step of the journey to building a large and valuable SaaS company
Through the roof - how to maximize your valuation! Pål Malmros, Partner Verdane
The road to a transactional event, and the life after, from a capital market perspective
Daniel Lilliehök Partner GP Bullhound, Ola Sars Founder & CEO Soundtrack You Brand, Frederic Laziou CEO Puzzel, Emre Gürsoy CEO Agillic
Theater (SMarketing), Breakout 1 (CEOs), Breakout 2 (Product) 60min

Lunch and networking - Sponsored by Workato

Exhibition hall 55min

SaaSiest Comedy Show

Tom Boston, Social Sales Evangelist Salesloft


From 0 to Hero - without a sales organization!

PLG at its finest, when the product does all the selling for you! Learn from one of the best PLG success stories in the Nordics as Mikael Thuneberg, CEO of Supermetrics tells us his learning of going from 0 to tens of millions Euro ARR before building a sales organization!


The CMO dilemma - Double down or continue to iterate?

The million-dollar question for every CMO is, how do we stay relevant and top of mind with our core audience at all times. Should your focus be on innovation or should you double down on some key activities?  In this fireside session moderated by Kati TammistoJohanna Fagerstedt will talk about the concept and the process she's developed with her team to systemize success and relevance. She'll share her Reduce-Reuse-Recycle method to success.

Theater 20min

Break and Networking - Sponsored by Telavox

Exhibition hall 30min

The story is the strategy

A compelling strategic narrative can greatly impact your sales, recruitment and NPS. The journey to create it may even impact your strategy. Liza Collin from Visma will give you tools and a storytelling framework to get started right away to capture your audience.

Theater 20min

Building for the future - the path to a EUR 5B company!

Are you building a company to sell in 5 years? Or is the plan to build a sustainable business that can take 15+ years. These are two very different visions and will dictate how you build, structure, and run your business. In this session, we'll hear from Michael Falck, Co-Founder of Relex Solutions the approach they used to build a long-term profitable and sustainable SaaS company. 


The SaaS Nordic Pledge - Together we are stronger!


Closing words and welcome to SaaSiest 2023

Theater 10min

Post-event - SaaSiest Poker Open 2022

If you are into poker this is the perfect way to end SaaSiest 2022. It is free to join and we even serve you food! Exclusively for SaaSiest 2022 ticket holders.

It will be a 3-hour tournament. 100 SEK buy-in and ultimate buy-in the first hour. Who will be the first SaaSiest Poker Open Champion?

Where: Casino Cosmopol, Malmö
When: April 21h 17-21
Sign up here

Casino Cosmopol 180min

Networking and match-making is now open using Brella

  • Connect with 950+ peers to exchange ideas and experience about topics of your interest
  • Build relationships with partners, customers and investors
  • Get access to dedicated networking sessions at the event

Here are two videos showing how to get started with Brella should you need some assistance:

Become an Event Partner

Expose your company to the largest Nordic gathering of B2B SaaS companies and professionals!

  • Establish Brand Awareness 
  • Associate yourself with key thought leaders
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  • Support the SaaS Nordic Community

E-mail: for partner inquires!

All you need to know

Arranged by: SaaS Nordic
April 20-21, 2022
 Slagthuset, Carlsgatan 12e, 211 20 Malmö, Sweden
Any questions? Email:

It is a 24 minute ride with direct train from Copenhagen Airport
From Malmö Central Station it is a few minutes walk to the venue and the surrounding hotels.

Comfort Hotel Malmö
(right across the street from Slagthuset)
Clarion Hotel Malmö Live
(700m away, but they have a skybar...)
Scandic Kramer
(700m towards the city center)

We are sold out!

Organized by

SaaS Nordic

The SaaSiest community in the Nordics!